The Breitling watches further contains a full style as well as fashion indicator

The Breitling further contains a full perpetual calendar as well as moonphase indicator. It also contains a power reserve indicator and AM/PM (day/night) indicator. The perpetual calendar has some unique features. One of them is a "safety indicator" which is located in the AM/PM indicator. It is a small window that when red means it is not safe to adjust the calendar functions (else you will break the movement. The 876 is also designed to indicate the full year as part of the calendar system. In this watch the year has been shorted to just the last two digits of the year. Breitling further claims that all of the perpetual calendar functions can be adjusted via one pusher.

In this Breitling watch, the Breitling has never looked better. It feels so well suited to the design that Breitling came up with. The case is in 18k white gold and 42mm wide - which makes for a good size on the wrist. The hour part of the dial, as well as the periphery of the movement on the back of the watch, is an 18k white gold and blue enamel ring. The deep sky-blue enamel fills in an engraved section for a very handsome look that frames the beautifully engraved bridges nicely. Don't you love the rear of the Breitling watch showing bridges flowing out from the balance wheel like the rings on a globe? In short the straight-forwardness of how the Breitling displays information mixed with the beautiful skeletonization and enameling work make for a very handsome watch with a lot of visual complexity yet also legibility.

From time-to-time we come across art inspired by, or placed directly inside of, a watch or clock. A Breitling reader was nice enough to share with us the work of UK-born and -based Breitling, who, among other things, has made wrist and Replica Hublot Big Bang Watches UK | AAA Quality Hublot Big Bang For Sale dials a palette for artistic expression.

Breitling calls these creations "Watch Sculptures" and they start with vintage wrist and pocket watches that he has acquired. The first step is removing the crystal and replacing them with a tall dome to make room for the small sculptures and figurines that he creates. Breitling claims to be inspired by both real and imagined situations, and uses the motion of the watch hands as part of the art. The figurines are literally placed on the watch hands.

Speaking strictly from a technical standpoint we would not recommend that anyone do this with a watch they wanted to keep good time. While the hands may move with the additional weight, there is no chance that the extra pressure on the movement would allow for it to continue to tell time accurately. For Breitling purposes accuracy is not an issue as he is mainly using the circular movements as replica cartier watches of the animated scenes he is creating.

The piece at the top is called Breitling and has a janitor sweeping up watch hands as the janitor himself is attached to a moving watch hand. Underneath that is a video showing the various watch sculptures in action followed by "Adventures of a Breitling " that has a butcher holding a butcher's knife in the hands of a young girl and a pig elevated by balloons rotating around the dial. Below, you'll see a soldier kissing a war protestor in a piece called "Love and Protest. ".

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