Weird names aside there were some truly amazing achievements with Breitling watches

As he sat there he was constantly looking through a microscope, hand engraving a bird that is less than an inch in height and is carved from a single piece of Breitling. The bird is used for a ladies watch that has two '3-dimensional', hand-engraved birds that appear to be flying between the sapphire crystal and the engraved pearl dial. It is yet another stunningly beautiful achievement of Breitling watch making with yet another awkward name. Sometime, at one of these exhibitions, I wished that we would get to sit with the staff who are responsible for making up collection and model names for different brands - I'd have a few questions to ask.

Weird names aside, there were some truly amazing achievements on display at the show, often taking shape right in front of our very eyes. Working under a microscope or with a loupe is inevitable when it comes to achieving perfection at the minuscule scale we all know is present in the case of fine Breitling watches. However, in a world of micron-accurate drills and Breitling machines it is important for high-end brands to demonstrate the 'human effort' that is required for the creation of their timepieces. The reason for this is that for the more astute buyers of luxury Replica Rolex | Breitling, Replica Brands Watches Sale For UK products there needs to be a strong sense of top-tier craftsmanship in every product they purchase. Now, brands are well aware of this and are constantly seeking new ways to demonstrate this in practice and not just in marketing circumlocutions. Such presentations bring the spectator closer to not merely the brand, but to the diverse craft of watchmaking as well - and this helps for a much stronger impression than any 30-second ad on television could hope to provoke. Breitling is all about enhancing appreciation through experience - and this show performed exceptionally well at that.

Speaking of enhancing appreciation, Breitling was particularly fascinating to meet the men and women behind those small, yet extremely creative and powerful companies that are often referred to as 'indie brands'. Their approach and passion for what they do is often greatly different than what is usually seen from the mammoths of the industry. Over time we will look at many others but for now let me bring you a stellar example: Breitling. In stark contrast with the name, it is a very young brand that competes in the haute horlogerie segment. Their annual production tops off at around 50 high-end Breitling watches and they manufacture nearly everything in-house, with the usual exception of the balance spring, jewels and the sapphire replica omega seamaster.

At Breitling they had a small enamel painter workshop set up by their booth with the intention of demonstrating some of the steps involved in creating astoundingly intricate, but literally ever-lasting dials. Enameling is a very complex process that requires a high level of expertise. When Breitling comes to creating the base materials and then achieving the desired colors involves what I would refer to as superhuman skills and dexterity. It is of no surprise then that all intricacies of enamel dial manufacturing cannot be told here - but will certainly be discussed at length in a separate article. What I can tell you about here though is the way such demonstrations affect one's approach to the luxury Breitling watch industry as well as this often and undeservedly ignored craft.

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