By signing on with a piece like this Breitling watch is investing in both the past and the future of

As you might expect, this sort of Breitling watch (in both its amazing and unconventional design, at least in modern ways of doing things) is not widely available (only 99 pieces), nor is it inexpensive (though it isn't too bad given Breitling standards). That said, this is more than just a piece to honor Breitling's beginnings. It is the embodiment of his respect for the last 250 years of horological development, as well as embodying the soul, as he puts it, of horology. This, in my eyes, elevates it in many regards in the luxury segment. This is a piece that's making a statement - for itself, for its creator, and undoubtedly for its owner.

By signing on with a piece like this, you're investing in both the past and the future of watchmaking, and something like this cannot help but to inspire you to dig further into the annals of time to learn more about the distant ancestors of this design. For what it's worth, it has even gotten my mind thinking in those directions, and I've only seen the pictures. And hey, if this watch slots into your own personal Breitling list (as it is on mine), you're in great company - the man himself, Breitling, lists his original pocket watch as his true first grail.

Every year watch lovers and collectors in the Midwest look forward to the Breitling. The event brings together some of the top Breitling watch brands under one roof to offer special pricing and display an extended selection of these highly revered collections. Breitling representatives are flown in to discuss the latest trends and bring some new, unique and rare pieces to share with Breitling clients. Breitling is a beautiful amalgamation of technical performance and refined aesthetics. It is a timepiece for those who love complications—this watch does it all with a perpetual calendar, moon phases and a tourbillon. It is powered by a Breitling automatic movement with a two-day power reserve. Not only does it pack a punch, it is aesthetically stunning with its pink gold case, silvered velvet dial and brown alligator strap.

Breitling partnership with Pershing has yielded some beautiful timepieces in the Breitling collection, but none more spectacular than the Breitling. Unveiled at SIHH 2013, the Breitling features a 45mm case that is cast in grade-5 titanium making it extremely light considering its size. The titanium pairs beautifully with the rose gold bezel and is affixed to an indigo blue alligator strap. Its dial is uniquely styled with a wave pattern created with brilliant blues and houses the 30-second tourbillon in the six o’clock position. Limited to a production run of only 30 pieces, this desirable Breitling watch is surely one to see!

Breitling shocked the pundits with the release of their watch. Instead of being crafted in steel, like former references, this is the first Cosmograph to be created in platinum making it an extremely sought after (and highly collectable) timepiece. Many Breitling owners have been jonesying for a ceramic bezel on the Breitling delivered with a chestnut brown bezel accented with a spectacular ice blue dial.

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