Though it has been my experience that a lot of Breitling watches are too concerned with complication

Though this does open up an interesting question. Why produce a new collection of Breitling watches that focuses on a complication? Over the last few years - especially high-end watch makers - have been pushing the idea that more and more women are interested in horology versus strictly fashion and aesthetics. While there are many very passionate female watch lovers, it hasn't been my experience that a lot of women are too concerned with complications. So i find it interesting that Breitling sees a lot of potential marketing what is essentially an astronomical complication-focused product.

Though if you absolutely had to go with a complication (aside from the time and date) that reside in a high-end fashion-oriented timepieces for mainly women, I think a moon phase indicator is a clever choice. It is an emotional complication helping to understand the phases of the moon - which in turn controls everything from tides to perhaps tempers. What is further interesting is how the inclusion of the Breitling dial altered the iconic look of the dial. This is very much a fresh face if you look at the details.

First of all, on the dial you have a new shorter seconds hand that tracks the inner scale and follows the hour hand rather than the minute hand. This of course is done to keep it separate from the pointer date hand. Breitling uses a hand rather than window to indicate the date, which again is new for the series and borrowed from more traditional watches. Another interesting change is to the bezel. No longer a rotating bezel, the now fixed bezel is thinner with either simple baton markers... or of course diamonds.

There is a black ceramic and white ceramic version of the Breitling without precious stones, but most of the models come equipped with a girl's favorite bling. There are six total Breitling models at launch. The pack is led by the limited edition of just five pieces in 18k white gold that is totally covered in diamonds. In fact, this is the first Breitling I've seen that doesn't have any ceramic in it. Breitling covers this model with 696 baguette-cut diamonds that measure up to a total of about 42. 45 carats. I think most people would willingly give up the appeal of scratch-resistant ceramic for scratch-resistant diamonds.

Also limited is the only version of the bunch which has the Breitling material, though it is mixed with a lot of 18k white gold. This Breitling also has a lot of diamonds, but not quite as much. The center link on the bracelet is in Breitling ceramic, and the case "only" has 554 baguette-cut stones on it (about 30. 19 carats). This Chromatic and 18k white gold model with diamonds is limited to 12 pieces. The other four models are black or white ceramic Breitling models, with either no diamonds, or round-cut diamonds on the bezel, and on the dial. These versions of the Breitling with diamonds contain 54 diamonds on the bezel, and another 63 on the dial for a total of about 1. 76 carats. One design touch that i quite like is on the white ceramic model with no diamonds. You'll notice that the applied Arabic hour numerals which are typically black, are offered in a deep blue on this model to match the blue tone of the aventurine.

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