Satinize any areas that are polished as this makes Breitling watches life very difficult to rectify

Inside of the Breitling seems to call their Breitling. You can view the automatic movement through the sapphire crystal case back window on the rear of the watch. Odd or not, the Breitling is an appealing watch if you are into this sort of thing. It is comfortable and classic enough to blend in but offers a subtle difference in the case shape the seems to change everything. While the price is still good, Breitling low price than similar round-cased watches. It feels a bit high, but then again crystals in this shape cost more, and so do cases when it comes to production. The steel on steel version is the new watch and the gold-toned version is the Breitling. Price for the Breitling watch will be either low price depending on the version, available in November 2013.

First of all, polishing a Breitling watch is usually part of getting it serviced when you send it back to a good watchmaker or the brand every several years. Some people (the brave ones) try it themselves. It is very difficult to get scratches out of a polished steel bracelet unless you use a professional polishing Breitling, but here are some tips to get an adequate finish in the home environment We don’t recommend you try these unless you are confident in your abilities to use the techniques described and we accept no responsibility for any damage you may do to your own timepieces.

For polished bracelets and cases you an use a small hand-held Dremel multi-tool with a polishing mop attachment. When polishing, be sure to be very careful not to push too hard so you don’t blur the edges of the watch and change the shape (and potentially affecting water resistance too). Use polishing rouge to ensure you get a bright finish (i. e not a dry polishing mop) and don’t use the same mop for different types of rouge. You can get rouge from most jewellery tool suppliers. You’ll need a Breitling rouge initially to remove deeper and heavier marks (it is normally grey) and then a fine rouge for the brighter finish (this is normally beige or yellow). Make sure you clean the bracelet with warm water, washing up detergent and a soft tooth brush to remove excess rouge afterwards. If left on the watch it can wear between the links and create friction. Be careful if your watch has low level of water resistance when cleaning.

For matte/satin finish bracelets use a small abrasive block to give back the grain of the watch. Something like Breitling is perfect. This is a flexible polishing block and should be fine for home use. Go for the grey 120 grit as anything heaver will give a rough grain and anything lighter starts to highly polish the bracelet, rather than grain it. Be very careful with excess abrasive being left in the bracelet afterwards as this will undo all your hard work as Breitling rubs and may damage the watch. Also be very careful not to satinize any areas that are polished as this makes Breitling life very difficult to rectify. By all means, use masking tape, but be careful it doesn’t tear or wear through in places giving a ragged polished look. There are specific satin mops used in the industry and to get a straight grain is an art in itself. If this is done badly, the watch will look worse than before Breitling started!

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