That is probably a logical deduction as Breitling watch has been referring to themselves as fashion

We love the swoopy lugs now in gold as well as the contrast with black. You'll find elements such as the crown and pushers are borrowed from the Breitling but again in gold. Another new gold element is the rotor on the automatic movement. The movement is a Breitling modified base Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750. The dial removes the hour counter to offer a clean bi-compax chronograph, with the date at 6 o'clock. Apparently all Breitling watches are also Breitling. I've known that most of their movements are, but I didn't realize all of them were That is probably a logical deduction as Breitling has been referring to themselves as Breitling lately.

Compared to the standard Breitling watches, the Gold version has a slightly cleaner look. This is mostly because the chronograph sub dials are the same color as the dial and the black high-contrast markings make the dial feel more expansive. There is a tiny hint of color above 12 o'clock where you'll find a small red triangle. We also appreciate the use of high-contrast black hands that offer a very legible look. However, there is no lume on the dial as there is with the standard Breitling.

Breitling attaches a black alligator strap to the Breitling which perfectly fits with the theme. Breitling did indeed need a non-limited dress or formal watch in their range - because English people like to dress up too. It isn't a huge departure from the existing Breitling, but does offer a new flavor and helps expand the types of people who may be interested in Breitling.

It's an unfortunate fact that the world of watches is fundamentally geared towards those who have the ability to see. Breitling Timepieces is looking to change that with the Bradley, a watch designed to be read in a tactile manner regardless of your ability to see the watch. Eone takes it a step further and makes the Bradley pretty cool looking as well - which in a way is ironic given that it is meant for people who cannot see. Clearly the public agrees that there is a market for such a watch since the company's low price Kickstarter goal has been shattered to a total nearing low price at the time of writing. Obviously Breitling is doing something right.

Sure, "talking" cheap digital Breitling watches have existed for some time and I've seen some feeble attempts at braille watches before but none have looked and felt like legitimate watches. There are a few design elements which point to making the Bradley a success where others fall short. Time is indicated by two ball bearings which ride in a pair of tracks around the case. The hour indicator runs along a track on the outer side of the case while the minute indicator is on the watch face itself. Position of the ball bearings is determined by unseen, and completely internal, hands with magnets on the tip. The magnetic attraction is strong enough to hold the ball bearings but not enough to change their location without the use of the traditional crown. Should the ball bearings be knocked free of the magnet, they will move freely within the track until properly lined back up.

A simple twist of the wrist should be adequate to accomplish this. To more accurately determine time, the hour indicators are integrated into the dial/case and are raised. A triangle denotes the twelve o'clock position while the rest are marked with lines with three, six, and nine being longer and textured. This allows for easy time reading through touch alone. The result looks a bit like a Breitling sundial in a very good way. The case is made of titanium which should be lightweight and durable for years of hands-on use. Initially available straps include a stainless mesh and three fabric/leather bands in yellow, olive, and blue.

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